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A Life-Changing Program

"It has changed my life."

"No words can really say how great this triumph is.  I am so grateful and thankful I had the honor of being here. It has changed my life.  You should go. It will change your life. It is AMAZING."  


-Sylvia M.

Where you will

Experience Healing,

"I have been looking for healing for years – everywhere – and I finally found it through 'triumph'... I feel good now and free! I got all the help from going to 'triumph'."

-Veronica J. (from a written letter, condensed)

"I finally found it through 'triumph'."

Encounter God's Love,

"I never found Jesus until I came here."

"I never found Jesus until I came here. I feel a lot better. I can feel a lot of power in me. I never through I could be up in front of the camera like this, but now it's all different."

-J.B.T. (from a video interview, condensed)

and become

 Equipped with Tools

to continue the journey

"'triumph' gave me all the tools I needed"

I always knew intellectually that God loved me but it never penetrated all the way to my deepest inner being. ‘triumph’ gave me all the tools I needed to learn to listen to the Holy Spirit, surrender my will to God, and to trust that God truly, truly loves me as a daughter. His love now does fill my whole being!!!


-Bev T.

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