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Experience healing through an authentic Catholic retreat that will send you equipped and grounded in God.

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"The program gives you the tools to get to the root of the hurt in your life, and that’s when God steps in and takes it all away.  Whatever you are going through, triumph can be the answer to your prayers as well." 


(David P.)​

For individuals who want to experience clarity, purpose and freedom in their daily lives.

Do you want to be fulfilled in life? 

  • Rediscover the joy of living? 

  • Bring feelings and emotions into balance and order?

  • Experience clarity and confidence in decision making? 

  • Be guided in recognizing and healing personal woundedness? 

  • Identify and break generational patterns and restore family?

  • Experience more effectiveness at work, better marital relationships and a more fruitful family life

  • Learn to live in the truth of who God is and who you are? 

  • Become equipped with the tools to continue in personal conversion and freedom?

A gentle and powerful program that
produces life-long, lasting transformation 

based on the teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola and St. Therese of Lisieux,
Scripture and Tradition.

A 9-day, facilitated journey of prayer, reflection and healing


A space to breathe

An opportunity to allow yourself to encounter God in silence through a daily experience of:





Prayerful Solitude


Daily access to spiritual direction

One of the most unique and valuable aspects of this retreat is the access to daily spiritual direction throughout the entire retreat. 


If you get stuck, feel overwhelmed or unsure,  our team of experienced leaders are there for you every step of the way.


Life-long transformation

Improve relationships and become confident in navigating life's challenges. 

The simple methods of prayer and discernment you will learn at 'triumph' will prove to be life-long tools that help you maintain your

new-found peace.

Image by Aaron Burden
Jerry Kristian - triumph Team
Donna Kristian - triumph Team

Our Founders

Donna and Jerry met during the formation and founding of a post-secondary catholic school of faith and mission in Bruno, Saskatchewan. Married in 2008 they have since become partners in the implementation and facilitation of the triumph program. Together they are the parents of five and the grand parents of eleven.  


Jerry experienced his own healing and faith renewal in 1978. He now brings with him 44 years of experience and knowledge in intercessory prayer and healing ministry.  He remains committed to the found- ing vision and principle that healing is essential to authentic faith formation.


Donna's 30+ years of ministerial experience includes parish and diocesan ministry, as well as, teaching the Introduction course to the Old and New Testament Studies, and Ignatian Discernment at St. Therese Institute. She has a BA in Christianity and Culture from St. Michaels’s College, University of Toronto and a Masters Degree in Ministry and Spirituality from Regis College; Toronto School of Theology; University of Toronto.

Their combined education, knowledge and experience is a tangible part of the 'triumph' retreat. 

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