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Triumph is a program that helps you to find and believe in yourself again. It is a truly empowereing program.  I believe it is the best program of its kind! (Dr. Lisa Gayoles - Psychologist)

It is indeed a "gentle life changing program."  It helps you remember that all of us are God's beloved children, no matter what kind of a deep mess we have been in in our lives. It is more than just hearing about God's love, the program will help you experience it first hand (Fr. Jack - Iloilo)

It is the most incredible retreat I've ever been on. It has the perfect marriage between the intellectual, spiritual, and practical practices & knowledge our Church gifts us with. It is delivered through means than anyone can relate to. If healing and renewal in an authentic and thoroughly Catholic environment is your desire, then look no further: 'triumph' is your answer to prayer. Come see, feel, hear, know and experience the Heart of God!  (Janelle R. –  Alberta)


I was a very hardened guy who had grown up in the Church but had never experienced the Lord one-on-one and face-to-face before coming to ‘triumph’.  I found the program as set up to not only inform, but to bring me to a place where I could hear the Lord with my own heart, and not just someone telling me what to believe.  A true encounter with God that will last the rest of my life. Now I feel I have a heart of clay, ready for Him to mold.  (Mitch V. - Alberta)

I came on this weekend with great trepidation. When I first found out about it, I read and reread the testimonies but was still uncertain. Once I got here, it was wonderful to be away from the everyday worries.  I came looking for answers to problems I was facing and came away with so much more.  I have finally reconnected with the tools I need to face any challenge that may come my way. (Vivian C. - Saskatchewan)

It will change you in radical but also subtle ways. You will still be you, but you’ll have greater clarity about your life and your renewed relationship with God. You past can now stay in the past. You’ll have tools to discern new situations. It will be easier to stay in the moment and enjoy your life. Problems will still come up, but you’ll have a more balanced way to deal with them. (Linda P. - BC)

I was blown away.  God worked so many miracles in my life and I know I am walking away from here a very changed person.  It made real the healing power of our Lord.  The program gives you the tools to get to the root of the hurt in your life, and that’s when God steps in and takes it all away.  Whatever you are going through, triumph can be the answer to your prayers as well.  (David P. - Saskatchewan)

Wow!  It’s good for everyone!  It’s a gentle yet powerful retreat that is truly life transforming.  If you can, you should go!  The Lord worked super powerfully through this retreat and changed my life.  And to top it off, God gave me a tool box to draw from when I go home so that the life transformation may continue.  God has the keys and through triumph has unlocked my heart to freedom with Him. (Mikaela M. -  Saskatchewan)

I always knew intellectually that God loved me but it never penetrated all the way to my deepest inner being. ‘triumph’ gave me all the tools I needed to learn to listen to the Holy Spirit, surrender my will to God, and to trust that God truly, truly loves me as a daughter. His love now does fill my whole being!!! (Bev T. – BC)

Triumph is a program that, blessed with an incredibly gentle approach, is a rock solid program that takes its mission very seriously, and holds great blessings for all who attend it.  Designed to meet people from every walk of life exactly where they are at.  It is capable of bestowing deep peace, healing of every kind, and above all a profound encounter with the tender love of Jesus Christ.  Many of my life’s greatest blessings were received on this retreat, and I would happily recommend it to anyone seeking peace, healing, and a renewal and strengthening of their life in Christ.  On this retreat, Jesus awaits and welcomes all with open arms.  (Matthew R. – Alberta)

I felt so alone for a long time. I never knew the hurt I was carrying. I don't know how many times that I fell… sometimes I didn't want to get up. One day I made up my mind that I wanted to do something that could get me back up on my feet. I didn't want to go to 'triumph' because the residential school really broke me up from all that Catholic stuff.

Now I want to step back in to confession and stuff like that! I never found Jesus until I came here. I feel a lot better. I can feel a lot of power in me. I never through I could be up in front of the camera like this, but now it's all different: Now I can go right up front and have the courage to talk to somebody. (J.B. T. – Saskatchewan; from a video interview, condensed)

There have been lots of things that went on in my life, some that are too unbearable to talk about. Suppressing my feelings got me very sick – numerous visits to doctors and nurses could not cure me.  I started seeking help elsewhere, going to different conferences, workshops, and pilgrimages to Medugorje and Guadalupe. Finding spirituality helped me to overcome a few hurts in my life, but I felt as though something was still missing. I found it the day I went to the 'triumph' nine-day inner healing retreat program: the answers came to all the questions I had, and I finally found what I was looking for all my life – Jesus, who I can now listen, pray and talk to, thanking Him for everything.  My healing journey has begun, and I feel my life is complete.  (Mary S. – Saskatchewan; from a written letter, condensed)

I have been looking for healing for years – everywhere – and I finally found it through 'triumph'. I found Jesus there, and that changed everything. I am a different person today; I know how to deal with things in my life and where to turn for help. I talk to Jesus every day. I believe in myself, and love myself now, which was very hard before as I carried so much hidden hurt, pain, angry and loneliness, which I have now forgiven myself and others for causing. I feel good now and free! I got all the help from going to 'triumph'. (Veronica J. – Saskatchewan; from a written letter, condensed)

Triumph is a life changing, re-orienting 9 days.  It allows you to go deep with God, it gives you the space and time to do this, it also gives you guidance and the tools needed to go deep.  Triumph has allowed me to look back on my life and really see what all has happened and how different things have affected me.  Triumph has given me the freedom to find out who I truly am and what it means to be “me”, a beloved daughter of God.  It really is a time of God writing you a love letter and breathing life and truth into every aspect of your being.   (Aaryn N. - Alberta)

This was THE finest retreat I have experienced. This very structured program, using a building-blocks approach was so effective. Seeing the struggles and the changes which took place in all of us and being part of a group that was taking a pilgrim journey together, was a phenomenal experience. The joy experienced as our fellow pilgrims broke through was truly humbling.

If anyone would like to transform their lives and truly start on the adventure of a lifetime, triumph is an effective, empowering program, which is guaranteed to work if participants stay open and pliable. Egos have no place in this retreat.  (Barbara D. -  Saskatchewan)

This is an amazing life-transforming program.  It's a program of deepening your faith and trust in the Lord.  People of all walks of life have come to this spiritual place seeking healing and confirmation of a search.  You get more than what you come here seeking.  You learn to use tools to stay on the “Yellow Brick Road” and where your focus should be as you journey in life.  You leave your old way of thinking, take Jesus and Mary by the hand and let them lead you.  God's love is evident for mankind in this program and the people He is working through to reach His children.  Nine days is not that long. This program is an eye opener and makes you see where you would go without Jesus.  I would recommend all God's children to attend this program to obtain sanctity and salvation.  (Martha - Saskatchewan)

I will tell my friends what coming here has done for me. Hopefully they will see it in me. I will tell them if they want to experience Jesus and His love – this is the place. “You have to go there!”   (Elaine R. - BC)

All my expectations were met and more. I have been gifted with many concrete tools for my Christian life as I strive to move forward in God's light.

Be open to a 9 day experience. It is the opportunity of a life-time to grow in relationship with God. It is an opportunity to grow and improve our relationships with our family.   (Sharon A. – Saskatchewan)

An awesome spirit-filled life changing experience based on inner healing through the Holy Spirit. (Rene R.  - BC)

I have gone to many workshops and conferences, this really works. I've found my answer. I want to make it part of my life...very powerful, very healing. I will tell (people) if someone wants healing, they should take this program.  (Mary - Saskatchewan)

It is hard to put into words really.  Amazingly and abundantly more than I hoped for and I was hoping for some miracles.  I'm eternally grateful. This experience has deeply and profoundly healed me in every area I was seeking healing for and more.  It has changed me and has got to the roots of the issues (in my life).  I've been in the healing ministry for almost 30 years now and nothing has been so tender, gentle and complete, in the way of healing and restoration for me as this retreat.   (Olga E. – BC)

Triumph is a life changing experience.  Not only did it re-stoke my faith life and heal my relationship with God, but it also brought me to a place where I could forgive myself for the many wrong turns I took in my life, and gave me a new lense where I could see my true dignity God gave me as a human being.  I had a lot of anger built up throughout my life which I suppressed.  Reflecting on this, I realized this affected so many areas of my life (i.e. relationship with parents, family, God).  triumph brought this anger into the light and allowed me to once again have peace in my heart. (Jordan F. - Saskatchewan)

No words can really say how great this triumph is.  I am so grateful and thankful I had the honor of   being here. It has changed my life.  You should go. It will change your life. It is AMAZING.  (Sylvia M. -  Saskatchewan)

'triumph' works because it is the Holy Spirit and God's son, Jesus, that does the work.  The team here are just for support and to bring us guidance in the process. It treats the whole person, not just the spiritual side.  The presence of the Holy Spirit in one's life is very freeing because we are released from the lies we have been living.   (Victor G. -  Saskatchewan)

The retreat opened for me a new door on spiritual conversion – the true conversion of the HEART.  I have known for a long time my intellectual conversion, my religious and moral conversion. This time my conversion of the HEART or “feelings” made me feel spiritually complete and balanced.

'triumph' presents and reveals the truth.

'triumph' is a solution to our people's problem of “loss of identity” and “loss of direction”.

'triumph' is where you may find “healing”, “renewal of one's spirit” and a path for “spiritual growth”. (Deacon Tony O. - Alberta)

110% Wow! The Lord gave me insights I never expected which were necessary for the healing process. Now I am truly alive! I am so thankful to God for this great blessing.   (Nina O. - Alberta)

I am praying that they(people) will see Jesus in me and the fruits of my 9 days, so I won't have to say anything.  But if they ask, I will tell them that 'triumph' is the most beautiful and profound spiritual experience(banquet) I have ever received.  It has been a honeymoon with my bridegroom.  (Aldina G. - BC)

I can't do it justice. It's an experience, reflection, response.  To attempt to say more would be trying to describe a rainbow to someone completely blind since birth.  (Bonnie K. – Manitoba)

The ultimate begging of a newfound faith in the Holy Trinity!  This contemplative retreat reconciled mi to a true relationship with God our Father, Jesus our Savior and the Holy Spirit my confident.  Such a gentle, loving movement of my soul towards the light and truth of God’s love.  God met me where I was, and gently opened my heart to receive Him.  (Nancy R. – Saskatchewan)

I don’t think it can be measured in human form what God does here.  ‘Giving triumph a standing ovation with millions of people’, put that thought in your head and you would be on the right track of expectations, ‘being blown out of the water’.  I would tell others to run to triumph, because if you walk it takes longer.  Run to the loving arms of God.  Run to the safety net of Jesus. Run with the Holy Spirit.  And, then when you have gained all speed and confidence, let go and soar.  (Sheri – BC)

I think in our present times we wonder why God doesn’t do great miracles like he did in the New Testament.  But He does!  At triumph I witnessed and experienced miracles overflowing.  The mercy, power and love of our Father moved deeply and gently – it was 9 days of hearts being “made anew”! … Come to triumph!  Jesus will meet you there, as He does now, tomorrow and forever!  (Jenny C. - BC)

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